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Car roof top tents are an economical solution for converting a vehicle. Instead of having to buy a van or motorhome, which requires some investment, you use your current car to turn it into your vacation home! A lower investment but just as fun.

You put the tent on the roof of the car when you need it and take it off easily when you don’t need it anymore!



Solves everything

It’s a fitting solution that goes everywhere! A van or a motorhome can appear very bulky, very long, very wide. There, you keep the comfort and ease of a car: on the road or to park. A car slips more easily through narrow streets, paths, tourist spots …

Depending on the model of your car, you may also avoid the problems of height barriers placed at the entrance to certain parking lots. A height often limited to 2 meters to prevent equipped vehicles from parking (large vans / equipped trucks and camper vans).



Modular and adaptable

Another advantage of fitting out your car with a roof tent is that you can remove the tent when you want and put it back on when you need it. So you can put the tent on your everyday car to go for the weekend.

Also note that the car roof tent can be adapted to any model of car. If you change your car, you can still keep the tent and travel with it again. You’ll just need some roof racks.

When you fit out a van or motorhome, the arrangement is doomed to stay in it. All the investment will therefore be lost! The strength of the roof top tent is that it adapts to all vehicles!

Selection of the best car roof tents

Which roof tent to choose?

Roadtrek offers you many models. Our team will be able to advise you as well as possible.

Come visit our exhibition and discover the model best suited to your needs.




A good product is a guaranteed product! When purchasing a new rooftop tent from Roadtrek you get a 2 year warranty.

All of our tents are made in such a way that you can change an item without having to change the tent.






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